Examples Of Satire In The Truman Show

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The media today controls everybody; the way they act, the way they talk, and the way people see things. Within the movie “The Truman Show”, it shows a great deal of indirect satire because of the way the adoptive father, also the director, hints to satire but never specifically hits one specific person, place, or thing but its does lean toward reality T.V. Another reason that indirect satire is present in this movie is because Truman lives his life out of proportion, sort of like everything is exaggerated. The huge studio he calls his home is constantly being recorded and broadcasted live to the entire world as a reality T.V. show and Truman has no clue about it. The indirect satire is really pointing out and making fun of reality T.V. shows, but it's not only limited to one certain show. In “The Truman Show” the events that take place are really all out of context and out of this world, but they do demonstrate how absurd these reality shows Hollywood makes really are. One huge example is that the gigantic dome shaped studio isn't just a set it's a huge community where many people live and work everyday. Almost 5,000 camera are there to film every step and every movement of Truman's perfect world and perfect happy life. …show more content…

In today's day and age and even in the past not every person is a happy go getter in the morning as portrayed in SeaHaven. Every morning Truman Burbank wakes up to his same morning routine of doing the same thing, saying the same stuff, and repeating the same action again and again everyday. You may think things are getting over the edge but another thing is that products are being advertised and it happens in Truman's own home. On one occasion Meryl, Truman’s wife, tries to advertise a 3 in 1 kitchen utensil. Truman sort of catches on to that and flips

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