Examples Of Satire On The Internet

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Satirical Essay Hannah Haynes Pd. 3 The Internet has become accessible for people all over the world and many people do not take advantage of its benefits. Older people have been trained to look up information in an article or have refused to utilize the detailed creation of the easily accessed form of receiving information. Many fail to realize that it provides free information, and trying to seek information elsewhere will waste time, and most of all, people gain ignorance to how much they can truly get out of the Internet. This has become not only a nationwide, but instead a world wide epidemic. As means of removing this ignorance and problem, a proposal for a solution is that the government needs to pass a law requiring a creation…show more content…
Individuals’ utilizing the Internet helps them to become more aware of the daily and common knowledge the Internet has to offer. People need to understand that the Internet is not the worst device that can be used to research information. The solution makes everyone that uses the Internet more efficient with his or her decision-making that then reduces error. Someone not using his or her phone is as if the person was hunting without a gun. People with also the get the advantage of advancement because since the Internet is practically the future, people will be forced to switch over from materialistic things to the web if they want to stay updated. Failing to use the phone would be reducing society back to cave man days. Even though these advantages seem beneficial, they are not fit for every individual. Many people unfortunately do not have the money to pay for the expenses that a cellular device requires. Depending where people live or where are located at the moment may not have access to Wi-Fi, which is the basis to access the web. As long as there is not any Wi-Fi in the area, the Internet is useless to people and they will soon go back to materialistic items to receive information. It would be like only having a means of getting directions on a person’s phone with no connection when he or she is clearly lost in the desert. The most common problem many people that use the Internet fail to realize is the source of where the information was originated. Many individuals have the capability to change information based on what they think is correct which results in if they are wrong about certain facts, the next person that searches it will be misguided with opinion instead of
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