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Saving time and Energy in Kitchen:
To save time and energy in kitchen makes life much more comfortable, pleasant and convenient. Most of us waste our lot of time remaining busy in kitchen, preparing, cutting, storing food and cleaning of it. For everything, there are some useful steps or tips which makes life easy and puts less burden on ones the daily routine. Similarly following are some of the tips to save time and energy in kitchen:
 Plan Before Prepare:
Planning of a meal before cooking is of utmost important. Planning could be of a week, of two weeks or of a month as well. After certain planning, making up a list of necessary food items is the main thing and then going to the store. It not only saves one from thinking everyday what to cook but also one can save money with intelligent planning of grocery
 Use of Canned and
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They should be neat and clean all the time.
 Look forward to convenient cooking tools: Knives should be sharpened enough to cut conveniently when cooking. Size of the Cutting board must be considerable. There should be holes in knives, cutters, squeezers, peelers, so one can easily hang them on smart hangings.

Different types of Kitchens:
Following are the names of a wide variety of kitchens which have both the advantages and disadvantages:
*L-shaped kitchen:
It comprises of two adjoining walls, which allows ones to form an effective work triangle between equipment and countertops. *U-shaped kitchen:
It is workable and is desirable for both large and small rooms and with the provision of work surface and storage to a great extent.

*Single line kitchen:
This is acceptable for rooms having only a single partition wall. All kitchen elements are palce in a single straight line. *Double line kitchen:
Through this, one can make out a great use of the handy space.

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