Examples Of Schizophrenia In Macbeth

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In William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Macbeth, the character of Macbeth is easily influenced by his wife and starts to spiral in his attempt to gain ambition. This is evident as he begins to behave in unexpected ways, seeing things, and negative thinking. This actively demonstrates that he is easily capable of changing drastically throughout this play by going through traumatic situations including his wife that calls him a coward if wasn’t be able to do so. In judgment of his character he would be diagnosed with schizophrenia for multipipe reasons. As being seen, Macbeth exhibits symptoms of schizophrenia to include: delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, and negative thoughts. As an example in the play, Macbeth enters …show more content…

During that time he was showing simple signs throughout the play, while he was in the location of Scotland in the 11th century. “It was also during this era that islamic medical and psychological texts first described different types of mental illness, including what we now refer to as schizophrenia,” ( (Vitelli 18). Schizophrenia comes from distorted thinking which Macbeth has also been thinking negatively, can't think properly or clearly. When has no trust in anyone, people are a threat to him and his throne. Which could be called tangential thinking that has people make every thought jump to conclusions. They will not listen or debate with them and always think they're right ( (Vietlli 5). As seen Macbeth goes through stages throughout which leads him into being schizophrenic starting out with a psychotic episode which relates to him when he is starting out killing duncan ( (Gulli). Although, it took a tremendous toll off of Macbeth in the play as there was a support system to continue his disordered thinking and leave excuses as to how he acts during the play. The character is Lady Macbeth, she was the main cause of Macbeth's schizophrenia as she pushed him during the …show more content…

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