Observation In The Classroom

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Observation at Hendrik Louw Primary

My overall experience of my observation at the school was enlightening and educational. I have learned valuable lessons, life lessons and class management tools. I have also seen the different roles that a teacher fills in her classroom apart from “just an educator”.
The atmosphere in the classroom was conducive for learning and the teacher had “tools” in place to manage discipline, time management and helping the children. The students knew the class rules with the help of a rhyme, and the rules were also clearly visible in the front of the class. The teacher’s knowledge of the children, their weaknesses and strengths are admirable, she is very knowledgeable of their lives and this gives the children a sense of belonging. I think for me this is one of the numerous goals that I have for myself as a future teacher. It is as if her knowledge of their outside lives contributes to the mutual respect between her and her students. This is also one of the best contributing factors for their rapport. These actions leads the children to trusts her and to talk to her. The children view her as someone that truly cares about their wellbeing.
Something that truly stood out to me was the level of planning that went into the teacher’s classroom, class management and how the wall art was being
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Using an array of methods to make the information comprehendible. To reach all of the students irrespective of their different learning styles. I would ideally want each student to not only understand the work, but also be able to implement it at the end of the day. And for the students that didn’t understand the work, I would want to have alternative methods to reach them. In order to be able to do this I would need to rely on various resources, from other teachers, parents, research and also the students

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