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Project: School Skits Do you remember the two study tips we learned during this unit? Please write them down in the Space provided: 1. _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________________ How can you measure your speaking abilities? Are you able to perform at the front of your class effectively? Let’s foster these study tips by performing skits. A skit is a very short play, usually performed in an informal setting. A skit requires very few props and little preparation. They can be as short as a minute or two or much longer and have only one person speaking or many speaking parts. ACTIVITY 1 Select a short play, skit or sketch for a…show more content…
Then, divide the group into teams of four students. Determine who will interpret each of the characters and read it aloud this time. Try to express the characters…show more content…
1) After you have rehearsed your skits and planned a program, decide a name for the performance and the outfits you’ll be wearing that day. 2) Get the school principal’s approval for the skits and the event. 3) Invite students and parents to participate. Announce your event. Download fliers that can easily be printed on a home computer. 4) Recruit volunteers to help distribute fliers and, if desired, to greet the audience on the big day. 5) Create posters or a banner that will greet students when they arrive at school. Potential phrases include "Thanks for coming," “Event day is here! “ or "It's School Skit Day" 6) Take photos of participants and audience (if allowed by the school). 7) Create a bulletin board with information and pictures of your recital. ACTIVITY 5 Perform your plays to the selected audience at a planned date and place. Don’t forget to have fun! It isn’t easy to perform in front of an audience, you most probably be afraid of forgetting your lines in front of a crowd. Plan as many rehearsals as possible and don’t be afraid of improvising or saying your line in other words. This will get you prepared for any memory

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