Suspend Students In Trouble

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School Suspension- Is It Worth the Trouble?

Is suspending students for their behaviors effective? Are they learning their lesson? When a student is suspended from school for their behaviors, they are sent home and are not allowed to come to school for a given period of time, that is based on how bad their action was. Although students shall be punished for their actions, schools should not suspend students for their bad behaviors, they shall be punished in other ways, because they like not having to go to school so they will act up more, they will miss a lot of important lessons in their classes, and parents would have to figure out a plan for their child to stay home all day while they are at work.
Most students don’t like going to school, if they get in trouble and are punished with having to stay home from school, they
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Most likely they will want to get in trouble again so they can stay home, but what if they couldn’t stay home either? They should be required to still come to school, but have to go to a special class, or building, that has a strict environment, providing watch over them and keeping them out of more trouble, while making them do their school work in complete silence. From the Article “Why Do We Suspend Misbehaving Students?” by Brian Palmer it states “Don’t kids want to go home?... … Why is suspension such a common punishment? Because it’s familiar, cheap, and convenient. It’s also demonstrably ineffective.” What the article was trying to convey was exactly what I am trying to get across. Kids don’t want to come to school in the first place. We need to stop giving them what they want as a punishment for their misbehaving. Yes, it is true that
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