Causes Of Segregation In South America

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Segregation Introduction: This essay you will have a brief idea on segregation, and especially segregations in South America. Segregation means some kind of separation, when someone or something is separated/divided from others (it could be a group, a society, a country or everyone else). They (a small group of people) are basically left out by the majorities, they’re not treated equally, because they’re somehow in a lower position and weaker than others. It has been women, homosexuals, religious group, etc, throughout the history, and it is still continuously happening now. Findings: There are two types of segregation, they are De Jure and De Facto. De jure translated into english as “according to the law”. Which means people are separated…show more content…
At the same time the percentage of slaveries went up to 90 percent of black Africans. When they tried to calculate the amount of people in the country, they argued if the blacks should be counted, they weren’t count as a full human after all ( the law haven’t accept them as a full human yet). At the end of Civil War, northern union army had promised to free the slaves who fought against the southern army. But they never fulfilled their promise, and the land were returned to the white plantation owners. The blacks had no choice but to work for their former masters, they became farm laborers. Slavery ended in 1865, when the Union won the Civil War. The blacks had a bit more freedom and rights now (they could vote, move to live somewhere else, leave job,etc). This is when slavery ended but segregation began, the blacks were treated equally by the law but…show more content…
So that they will have equal rights as the whites in front of the laws on court, and end the Jim Crow laws. Although this didn’t all happen at once, but it was starting to progress. The Great Migration happened through world war one, a lot of blacks moved to the northern part, since there are more jobs available. However they still worked with the same jobs they got in the south, since they are not well educated or skilled. More and more poor blacks gathered together in the north, and the communities they lived in has a high crime rate. The growing population in North led to difficult problems, the number of death and injury led by the blacks were increasing in a fast speed. During these years KKK also grew rapidly. It went tougher in the 1930s, since the Great Depression happened, many people lost their jobs. But then president Franklin gave the black Americans hope, since he made the New Deal Program, that benefits the blacks (though he didn’t end the Jim Crows law, because he still want the support from the southern). Jobs became available again after world war two, many blacks came to the north to get job and get rid of the Jim Crows law. Though the northern militaries were influenced by the southerns attitude to the blacks, so there was a segregation in the military. From 1920s blacks were slowly being accepted, through their books, sports and
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