Self Compassion

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The purpose of this assignment is to discuss setting up a private practice from an academic and personal viewpoint.

Business Plan

A business plan is fundamental to shaping your own practice (Fay, 2015). Writing your ideas on paper allows you to process and turn your ideas into reality, (South Dublin County Enterprise Board, 2015). A successful business plan will include a description of the product, marketing and sales and finances. “S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym for the 5 steps of specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based goals”, (Zohorsky, 2015), which are essential and basic business principles. Commencing a career in counselling and setting up your own business you need to be aware of “Our strengths,
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Self-compassion was discovered as part of my theory research assignment. Self-compassion comprises of three distinct areas “Self-kindness, common humanity and mindfulness”, (Neff, 2011, p.41). Permission was sought and gained from Kristin Neff (2015) for using the exercises on her website ( with clients. There is a strong correlation between mental illness and low self-esteem (Challis, 2013). Neuropsychology has found correlations between the human mind and internal thought processes and behaviour, (Van Der Kolk, 2014). There is an established link between co-rumination and depression, (Dam, Roelofs and Muris, 2014). A study of Irish adolescents found that sixteen year old females has the lowest levels of contentment and optimism (Dooley and Fitzgerald, 2012). These adolescents are potential clients. A study of mental illness in North Dublin found twenty-seven per cent had anxiety disorders, (Cannon, Coughlan, Clarke, Harley, Kelleher, Connor, Fitzpatrick and Lynch, 2015). Self-compassion results in an individual prizing their individuality, (Neff and Vonk, 2009). The research shows that there is a significant need for counsellors and specifically teaching clients’…show more content…
Hughes and Weller (2010) explain that a sole trader’s financial estate can be used to pay off any debts incurred as part of the business. A limited company is a “Completely separate legal entity from the owners of the business”, (South Dublin County Enterprise Board, 2015, p. 26). As a result any debts incurred with be limited to the business (Hughes et al, 2010). Setting up a limited business requires dealing with solicitors. This has added consequences requiring further expenditure in setting up contact needs to be made with Companies Registration Office and a solicitor, (South Dublin County Enterprise Board, 2015) and also requires professional yearly audits (Hughes et al,
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