Odysseus Dependence In Homer's Odyssey

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Depending on Others, Can Teach Self-dependence From a young age people are often told, contradictory things. People are told that they should try to do things on their own, but are also told that, if they need help they should ask for it. These conflicting messages are exceptionally difficult for soldiers trying to assimilate back into society after the war. As soldiers return home, they often try to live self-dependently, but sometimes they need help and have to depend on others. This effects Odysseus because when he needs help, he has to rely on the gods to lead him the right way. Although today people and facilities are putting their time and money into researching ways to help veterans, the focus must remain on assisting veterans to regain independence in civilian life. As the world evolves, new methods will come up, which will make it easier for veterans to become self-dependent. In The Odyssey, Odysseus depends on his faith in the gods to restore him to his throne in Ithaca. The Odyssey is an epic poem about the leader of Ithaca, Odysseus. Odysseus goes and fights in the Trojan war, in Troy for ten years. He then is on…show more content…
This is because they are trying to get help for themselves and the community is finally realizing, they need help. The author of “Odysseus in America” is Jonathan Shay, he is a doctor and clinical psychiatrist. Also, he is well known for the research he has done on complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Specifically, Shay writes about four of his patients who have come to him for help with the stress of combat still on their minds and shares their stories on what they do to get help and put them on the right track. Shay had four patients who went to him for help, with the stress of combat that rests on their minds, because they were not able to be self-dependent, and needed
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