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1a. Self-Directed Learning: This requires in-depth learning in topics or course of study without being directed by a lecturer or teacher. The self-directed learner must have integrity, self-esteem, and self-confidence in order to achieve a balance in learning and understanding what is learned with a view to putting down words in writing or in research to the understanding of the targeted audience to which the paper was written. It involves taking initiative, independence mindset, persistence in reading, ability to view problems and challenges as not being an obstacle to learning, creating schedules and abiding by it is effective and important to achieving the goal for learning. Essential Aspects Required:
(i) Taking Initiative: It involves
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(iv) Acceptance of Responsibility: A good self-direct learner must learn to accept responsibility for work devoid of plagiarism in order to record successes and to avoid failure experienced in a self-directed learning process.
(v) Viewing Problems as Challenges, not as an obstacle: A self-directed learner must always view problems associated with learning process as a challenge rather than being an obstacle to the process involved in learning.
(vi) Capability to self-discipline: A self-directed learner must be self-disciplined and determined in order to learn. He or she must create a schedule and abide by it.
(vii) High Level of Curiosity: A self-directed learner should have a high level of asking and must be ready to proffer solutions towards understanding why the problem exist.
(viii) Have a tendency to learn or change: A self-directed learner must be intrinsically motivated with willingness to learn and understanding that learning is a positive path to individual and career
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Active Learning: This can generally be said to be an instructional method that engages students in the learning process. It requires meaningful learning activities and thinking, in order to be mindful of what is being learned, the purpose of learning, and the goal for learning by students; Aspect of active learning requires student to be an active listener by understanding the learning process either in a lecture or otherwise and the must be able to state what is learnt in his or her own words. Looking and seeing in one’s own word, things like diagrams, paintings etc., without explanation from a lecturer or a teacher before the proper understanding of the motive behind it portrays a good quality of active learning in students. Hearing and sighting can be encouraged individually or collectively as a group in students active learning process, taking tour and visit to learned topic sites and organizations can help to broaden student scope and proffer better understanding of the study topic. Developing, producing, practicing to delivering presentation and speeches should be taking to proper considerations towards achieving active learning perspective in students. Also, reading what you write, checking contextual spelling errors, grammatical expression and their use, punctuations are necessary to attain active learning.

2 Areas of personal strength include my attitude to learning, behavioral and understanding of the purpose and goal to be achieved in motivational learning putting

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