Essay On Self Discovery

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In today’s generation, we’re used to hiding ourselves. Either for the fear of judgment by people or by ourselves. We’re always afraid to find who we truly are and tend to mistake the person we’ve created for the world to see for our true selves. This is the most important challenge in finding yourself; to not be deceived by who we think we are, but to dig deeper into our soul.“The only journey is the journey within.”-Rainer Maria Rilke. Out of the many journeys I’ve taken in my life, the hardest one was the journey of self-discovery in CORE1010. Every class unlocked the door of a long path towards the light of introspection. It opened my eyes to the different kinds of me that I never knew existed. We went from confronting our shadow, and…show more content…
Being a fan of horoscopes and personality quizzes, MBTI test was an enlightening experience. This accurate test held the answers to why I react the way I do and how I feel about everything around me just by knowing my type. It’s not only about knowing myself, in fact, it’s about seeking knowledge of others too. It’s fascinating how we’re all the same yet unique at the same time. We share same facts like birth and death yet we all share different life history and experiences. (Robert Frager) After getting just a glimpse of my type, I was able to understand those around me. It’s crucial to comprehend the fact that everyone yields towards a certain type. Understanding each other’s types helped create acceptance of one’s differences, strengths and weaknesses. I learned that everyone has his own path, mindset and limitations that doesn’t certainly have to be the same as everyone else, which clarifies why people sometimes act the way they do. Knowing that everyone’s wired differently, and could be categorized into the feelers, thinkers, left-brain or right-brain, made me a more understanding and accepting person,
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