Essay On Classroom Reflection

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Teachers need to be self-reflective and to think about our own teaching. After each lesson I put the following questions to myself: Was the lesson effective?, What were my strengths and weaknesses?, How could it be improved? What follows are some of my reflections on various important items in my training period from the observations and own experiences carried out in the classrooms: -I have met lots of children in my internships and that is awesome for me. All the classrooms contain pupils with different abilities, different attitudes to English language and different styles of learning. I think that it is positive but also it is more difficult to respond to their different needs and interest. On some occasions I felt a little overwhelmed in the second year of primary when a child (with ADHD) was constantly requesting my support, but other children needed support as well. -The greatest resource that teachers have is other teachers. I believe that it is essential teacher believe in teamwork and innovation. The different school committees require teamwork between teachers (e.g. festivals organization). In the school I have seen teachers looking for new…show more content…
A teacher needs to have really good time management skills in order to finish that daily to-do list. Teachers must work very efficiently with the very limited time. So, time management is a very important skill to have. I have realized that to find that managing time (mine and the students') was one of my biggest challenges. Lack of time to finish work is a problem that I hope to be able to deal over time. Sometimes I felt that I had too much to do and not enough time. I planned my units for a set period of time but when I put into practice in class it was not as I expected it. I got used to watch the time (clock on the wall) to control the time, and that helped me. One strategy I used was to let students know when an activity will
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