Examples Of Selfishness In A Christmas Carol

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A Christmas Carol Do you believe in ghosts?Or do you think ghosts are crazy.Scrooge didn 't until he was visited by four on christmas eve.Charles Dickens Christmas Carol helps readers identify the negative effects of greed some of these effects are selfishness,ignorance and wretchedness. First example is that Dickens uses selfishness.Scrooge will not give money out to the charities he chooses to only give the money to prisons.Scrooge does not want to be merry and Scrooge does not want anyone else to me merry Another example that Dickens uses in A Christmas Carol is wretchedness.Scrooge’s nephew said merry Christmas to Scrooge,and Scrooge responded Bah humbug.Scrooge dislikes Christmas. The final example that Dickens uses is ignorance.Scrooge
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