Examples Of Selfishness In Romeo And Juliet

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The desire for self advancement has effects on everyone, not only the person seeking it. In William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Capulet’s attributes are revealed through his dialog. His selfishness, self centered attitude and two faced nature are shown through his conversation with and surrounding other characters. Capulet’s attributes, revealed in his works choice and anger, show his motivation is self advancement.
Capulet’s selfishness is shown through his reactions surrounding Juliet’s marriage. He increases the number of guests after Juliet’s rebellion by inviting “so many guests” (3.5.1) that he needs “twenty… cooks” (3.5.2). He does this in order to show off his control of Juliet and the advantages of the pairing. He uses the wedding
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After Tybalt challenges him at the party, he has completely different moods when talking to him versus the guests. He switches moods when he states “I’ll make you quiet, what!- Cheerly my hearts!” (1.5.87). The switch from the angry threatening tone to the happy joyful one is drastic. He wants to maintain the image of a perfect party, and himself as a perfect host. His image and charm have gotten him to his current status and he does not want to risk ruining his image. Similarly, at the party, Capulet’s response to Tybalt wanting to fight Romeo is to say “I would not…/ Here in my house do him disparagement” (1.5.68-69). Capulet’s wording shows that he does not want to be further associated with the conflict of the two houses. After Prince Escales declaration, causing a scene would worsen his image, especially if it was in his own home. His concern is not for Romeo’s safety, but for his image. Capulet also takes the public’s view into consideration when deciding on the day Juliet will marry Paris. He says “It may be thought we held [Tybalt] carelessly” (3.4.25). In his mind, the only reason to delay the marriage, is his image in the eyes of the public. He is not grieving over Tybalt’s death, but rather views it as an inconvenience. Tybalt forces Capulet to break from his fake personality as he is a threatening figure to his
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