Examples Of Selfishness In Till We Have Faces

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In today’s world, one can find many instances of selfishness, whether it be corruption, killing, or even breaking a heart. However, like a diamond in the rough, someone who is truly selfless is hard to come by. One example of a selfless writer is C.S. Lewis, author of Till We Have Faces. Lewis wrote some of his novels in a way to not only educate the world that selflessness will always win but also the fact that selfishness will always lose. One of Lewis’s notable works -- “Till We Have Faces” -- clearly demonstrates how selfishness loses but selflessness wins. In “Till We Have Faces” by C.S. Lewis, Lewis portrays Orual as a villain as a result of her jealous actions which not only resulted in Psyche’s exile but also Psyche being forced to complete difficult tasks in order to regain her favor; however, Orual’s actions highlight the hidden message that Lewis is trying to convey - jealous/selfish love…show more content…
At the end of the vision, Orual comes to peace with the revelation that she orchestrated Psyche’s exile and misery. As a result of accepting her accusations against the gods resulted from her faults, Orual is completely absolved of her misery and, in addition, learns how to love selflessly, a love which Lewis subtly implies triumphs all. In the end, Orual amends with Psyche and as a result, a god declares that “[she] is also a Psyche” (Lewis 308). When the god states this, this symbolizes Orual’s selfless love as she triumphs against her selfish nature and reunites with Psyche. Lewis uses Orual’s revelation as a way to point out that Orual’s selfless love triumphed against her selfishness, jealousy, and misery, and revealed her pure inner self to be just like Psyche, beautiful, echoing Lewis’s belief that the ability to love selflessly is pure beauty and will always triumph against obstacles, no matter how strong and big they
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