Examples Of Selflessness In Hamlet

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Throughout the play of Hamlet there are many examples of character’s selfless and selfish love actions, but overall selfish desires of all the characters override their selflessness and this causes many of their deaths. Hamlet makes many decisions during the play out of selfish intentions, such as killing Polonius, acting out of violence, and his rude treatment of people because he can’t get over his mourning for his father’s death. However, Hamlet ends the play by the selfless actions of restoring his father’s name and, “Hamlet manifests this love of honor, order, and country by convincing his last friend in the world, Horatio, to speak to Fortinbras of what has transpired. He restores honor to his father's name and to Elsinore by passing…show more content…
It seems as if the speaker is fearful of not getting this chance at love which is why he emphasizes their limited time. In “To His Coy Mistress”, the speaker puts an emphasis on time because he is fearful of missing out on this love and his actions are driven by this fear. An example of this is when he addresses that if she doesn’t love him then the love will go to waste and, “worms shall try that long preserved virginity, and quaint honour turn to dust, and into ashes all my lust” (Marvell 27-30). This illustrates how the speaker is looking for something temporary to fulfill his emptiness because he is essentially trying to pressure the mistress into having intercourse with him. Furthermore the speaker expresses more of his immediate sexual desires by saying, “now let us sport us while we may/ and now, like amorous birds of prey/ rather at once our time devour” (Marvell 37-39). The absence or dissatisfaction of the long-standing love in the speaker’s life motivates these actions made purely out of sexual passion and urgency. Not only does the lack of love in the speaker’s life cause him to seek temporary satisfaction, but the absence of a fatherly love in Hamlet’s life leads to his
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