Beyonce: Sexism And Stereotypes

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Sexism is a prevalent issue that society struggles with due to all to of the negative stereotypes that are created. Today numerous musicians bring awareness to sexism through there songs, one being Beyonce. The popular musician Beyonce fights for women’s empowerment in her music in order to unite women and go against sexism and stereotypes in her popular songs “Flawless”, “If I were a boy”,“Lemonade”, and several more. Beyonce says, "I try to write songs and sing songs that we as women need to hear". "I know sometimes it 's hard to realize how amazing we are. I 'm very happy to be able to do that to women around the world." (6). This is one of the several lessons Beyonce provides to society in order to empower women and have them join Beyonce in bringing awareness to this issue.
Sexism and stereotypes are not just a problem people today have been dealing with in society, but it has been a major, ongoing controversy forever. In the past, not much attention has been brought to this …show more content…

Sexism is discrimination based on your gender. Much of this discrimination is contrary to women. Sexism is not just a discrimination of a gender; several social issues come along with sexism, including stereotypes, which Beyonce includes in several of her songs. Women face stereotypes day in and day out, and people do not even realize are wearing revealing clothes and people say you 're automatically vulnerable to

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