Examples Of Sexism In Disney Movies

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The Change of Sexism in Disney Movies

Disney has created many incredibly beautiful films over the years from Snow White in 1937 to The Little Mermaid in 1989 to Mulan 1998 all the way to Frozen in 2013. All these wonderfully made movies that have given many girls of all age’s dreams, aspirations and determination. But there was always something twisted in the Disney movies made back then compared to now. The main character women were portrayed as a weak, damsels in distress, always needed saving and were never were heroes.

In the beginning of romantic Disney films the “Snow White and the seven Dwarfs movie was about a beautiful princess dreaming of one day marrying a prince. Throughout the entire movie she is seen being weak and frightened
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When she confronts the Dwarfs about her staying at their house, she lists all the things she will do for them; like cleaning and making food. A known fact that back then women belonged in the house or the kitchen so they will cook dinner for their husbands. After the dwarfs gladly accepted the request she was found by the evil step-mother and was attacked by her resulting to her being in a deep sleep, almost like death. While that happens the Dwarfs ends up killing the witch and the prince Snow White has been dreaming about comes and saves her by kissing her. For Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty” She was fast asleep throughout the entire movie, and in the end the prince fought and saved her. Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” wanted to be a grown women and make her own choices – like any 16 year old would want to do, but then she goes against it by selling her own Voice to be with a guy. Before Ariel is turned into a human, she asks the sea witch how she will be able to talk to her so called “love”, and the witch tells her that as long as she has a pretty face and a knowledgeable use of her body language that any man will fall for her. Not only did she tell her that she mentions that men do not
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