Examples Of Sexism In The Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman in an Age Travel
The amazon that became a superhero feminist symbol
Film industry is a micrograph of our society. As a result of this many inequalities are provided to the big screen. However, the section of inequality has very broad horizons that it is very difficult to detect and analyzed them. The sexism that prevails is one basic factor and a primary component to this discrimination. Cinema as a constructed representation of almost every societal issue and problems, has many examples of sexists’ behaviors, but also of non-sexist behaviors, and even feminist movements take place to this industry. As a micrograph also all the ideological political and historical scenes and changes are reflected to the “big scene”. One of the most well-known ladies in the television, comics, and film industry for almost 77 years, the amazon Wonder Woman can help us to understand the reflection of the changes, which are provided to this female super hero in relation to sexist and feminism content.
To begin with, in order to understand the correlation between the feminism and wonder women it would be useful to start with what represents the feminist film theory. The feminist film theory grew out from the psychoanalytic film theory that their origins is from psychology. Psychoanalytic theory in psychology divide the brain in three basic parts, Id, Ego, and Superego. The Id part refers to the unconscious part that is fully related to the pleasure. Ego is there to negotiate all

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