Examples Of Sexism In The Workplace

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Sarah Begley
12 December 2017
Sexism in the Workplace holds Women Back A workplace in today’s society is constantly developing and reconfiguring its ways. It is full of advancements that look to improve and expand its model to achieve greater success. With this goal for more success comes the forgetfulness of what a workplace should constantly maintain in the meantime. A workplace must maintain its responsibility to its employees to uphold a respectful and professional environment for all. This environment must be upheld in order for true success and advancements to be reached as a whole in the workplace. The full potential of workplaces today are all held back by an ongoing issue in society: sexism. Sexism is the discrimination of an individual due to their gender which is usually caused by an attached stigma to that sex. This type of discrimination has been targeting women in the workplace for a long time now, suppressing the real potential of what they can bring. It is being proven by professionals that sexism towards women in the workplace is being shown through various forms of discrimination in policies, its effects on women’s health and jobs, and the leading solutions that seem to be arising from it.
Women in today’s workforce have been stigmatized in an unfair and unjust way that has been causing discrimination towards them over the years. The stigma towards women consists of very general stereotypes that undermine their capabilities and strength. Margaret Mead

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