Examples Of Sexist Propaganda

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Radical thinkers will have to take a smaller role in society. The most influential people spread sexist propaganda. Bridging the gap is changing the messenger. It 's refusal of society to tolerate ignorance of any kind towards another group of people. But we live in an environment where one man 's ear considers trash is another 's pile of gold. I believe everybody is impressionable to what they feed their mind. When you hear yelling on a constant cycle it begins to penetrate into your subconscious. The culture we live in is sexist making it very hard to go against the grain. True equality is tolerance and acceptance of others and until people stop shutting down anybody with a different view equality will not prosper. To have everybody…show more content…
Women are fighting very hard to bridge the pay gap. But in order to make men and women equal we must speak up about how the job market is unfair. I believe if you name the problem, give the solution, and get the community involved in supporting to fix this error then you can make change. Something has to be done because there are too many jobs I can think of where women should be getting paid more than men because they are more qualified for example: a doctor because they have a motherly touch, a counselor or psychiatrist because women are known to listen more, and a physical therapist because women are more sensual with their movement and can display that in a massage. Instead it 's the opposite due to this minor thing called gender. “That simply because they are women, they will pay a 22% tax with each paycheck thanks to an unfair society that favors men.” (Karin Agress, “Pay Gap Myth”) Thanks to that same society that refuses to question or challenge this silly unspoken agreement change has yet to…show more content…
One interesting story to me is the two teachers who formerly did modeling work. The male was praised for winning sexiest man of the year, and the women was fired. The man was a university teacher and the women was a primary school teacher. I just have one question for the parent who found out their child 's teacher was a model in her pass and became concerned about their child 's well being. Does this discredit her teacher credentials? Did the kids know she was a former model until you advertised it to the school board? Those kids went to school to learn from their teacher not figure out what she does in her spare time. As long as she does not dress revealing at school, does her job and is appropriate she should remain working at that establishment. But equality suffers due to the high amount of fear in our society. That a male model does not evoke such a fear and should not be a problem but when a women does we should cast her out. These double standards have to be questioned because as the double standards article states, “The fact that the school was reportedly concerned about its reputation suggests that perceptions may have been important in this case, and our perceptions of male and female bodies can be very different indeed.” The problem isn 't her pass, the problem is the parents for not accepting a person from a

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