What Is Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

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This essay will discuss Sexual Harassment in the workplace. First off, Sexual harassment occurs when the behavior of a person is inappropriate involving the making of unwanted sexual remarks or advances. According to Statistics 1 in 3 women has been sexually harassed at a workplace. Sexual harassment has become an often occurrence in the workplace. An example of sexual harassment in the workplace is making sexual comments about appearance, or body parts. There have been various celebrities who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. The outbreak of celebrities who worked in the movie industry started telling their stories in October 2017.

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Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment is when a person is inappropriate involving
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But, it has also been a broad and ambivalent subject. Many people in the workplace do not completely understand who can be charged with a violation or what constitutes sexual harassment. Sexual harassment in the workplace can come in two forms. First off, when an employee is required or requested to participate in or submit to sexual acts as a condition of employment, assignment or job benefit. Secondly, when comments, behavior, or actions of coworkers or supervisors creates a hostile environment. The courts have recognized these categories and imposed liabilities on them. Quid pro quo harassment occurs in the workplace when the authority that they'll give the worker a promotion or raise in return for a sexual demand. Quid pro quo also occurs when the managers say they will not fire an employee in return for a sexual act. For example, if you're a student who needs extra help in class and you go to an afterschool tutoring session and instead of your teacher helping you they make comments on your appearance and ask about your relationship status; you're uncomfortable so you start heading to the door, but your teacher says if you agree to go on a couple of dates with him, he'll change your grades, this is an example of Quid pro…show more content…
There have been several incidents where a female is harassing a male, female harassing a female, or a male harassing a male. Women harass men so infrequently but this doesn’t mean that the consequences are any less devastating for the small number of men who are the target of inappropriate sexual conduct by their female coworkers or bosses. Women can be predatory and men can be victimized. Just as we now acknowledge that boys can be raped, the law now recognizes that men can be harassed. Being a male reduces the chances of being victimized, but it doesn’t serve as protection against the pain that can result. Sexual harassment is a serious problem and it should be prevented. Although some victims are afraid to tell their stories, I think they should because that would give more people courage. As you can see the #Metoo movement took off well because of people showing prevalence towards sexual

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