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Sexual Objectification as the Wonderful Part of Sexual Life Sexual objectification is oftentimes – and mistakenly - used to portray women as being dehumanized sexually, often reduced to objects, things and commodities. Nussbaum argues that careful evaluation demonstrates some objectification can be compatible with consent and equality, and even be a wonderful part of sexual life. Sexual objectification, I argue, does have positive implications for women, since it can sometimes be humanizing, enhance mutual respect and social equality, as well as promote and respect autonomy. Sexual objectification, a complex concept and often ambiguously defined, has been argued by feminists to describe the treatment women as mere things to be controlled by men (). Mackinnon and Dworkin argue that the deformation of sexual desire, prior to, and causes, other forms of objectification of the sexual partner; an antecedent deformation of attitudes to things and persons infiltrates and positions desire (289). They further contend that the instrumental treatment of human beings - the treatment of human beings as tools of the purposes of another - is always morally problematic (289). This suggests a connection in the male treatment of women as a common feature in sexual life; sexual objectification comes in other forms such as denial of autonomy, denial of subjectivity and various forms of boundary violation (290). On the other hand, Nussbaum argues with regards to, context is everything and

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