Mildred D. Taylor's Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Mildred D. Taylor wrote the novel titled, “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry”, where she briefly explains to the reader about the struggle that human being faced during the Great Depression. The main character named Cassie Logan lives in Mississippi with her family. They work hard to keep the small farmland and to endure many racial injustices from the white families. The children at Jefferson Davis school are being harassed by many white childrens. And the rumors about the Wallace boys burning black men, which started boycotts and fightings across town. In “Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry”, by Mildred D. Taylor, use descriptive metaphor, detailed imagery, and expository simile to convey the idea that even though some people have different preferences of others on the wealthy white people, people should see people as the same human being because people can feel segregated from the others and racial injustices that cause trouble. First, Taylor uses descriptive metaphor to illustrate the idea that African American are not treated equally as the other human being while feeling the segregation against their race. Cassie, Stacy, Christopher-John and Little man (Clayton Chester) goes to school while Cassie disapproves her outfit, so she “tugged again at my collar and dragged my feet in the dust, allowing it to sift back onto my socks and shoes like gritty red snow” (Taylor 3). This literary device…show more content…
This teaches a lesson to the people who think different humanity but, as human beings, all people have the same troubles and happinesses. This conveyed the theme by the struggles between a family by defeating racism, segregation and pursue the American
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