Examples Of Similes In Jane Eyre

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The readers learn from Jane's dialogue in the following quotation that Jane is not afraid to talk back to an adult and she has a temper. After snapping on Mrs.Reed, Jane feels relieved as she got everything off her chest, not afraid to stand up for herself, and being brave.
Simile #1: The simile “That nasty Jane Eyre had flown at him like a mad cat” is comparing Jane’s behavior to one of a wild animal. Simile #2: Jane had nothing, but she had her doll which she cherishes, she describes it as “shabby as a miniature scarecrow,” meaning that her doll is old and worn out. Metaphor #3: Jane describes Mr. Brocklehurst as a “black pillar”, which is a stack of stone blocks. She does so because of his impressive figure and dark dress. The similes and metaphors in this chapter add to the overall meaning of the text by
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Brocklehurst's description of Lowood, the readers know that he is a hypocrite because Mr. Brocklehurst said that the girls at Lowood only deserve plain lodging, clothing, and food, but his wife and daughter are wearing silk dresses, eating good food and sleeping in the best bed. Also, there was a scene where he makes a comment where he says he would call a barber to cut an orphan girl's curl hair off, saying it is unhealthy but his own daughter had curls. This knowledge foreshadows Jane's experience at Lowood because now the reader can infer that Mr.Brocklehurst will continue to treat him and his family in wealth while all the children at Lowood will receive generic treatment.
The epiphany that Jane has at the end of the chapter about her relationship with Bessie was when she realizes that Bessie was the only person who actually cared for her. Bessie was always caring and looking out for Jane. Jane now moving to her new school makes her realize that she will miss Bessie.
What Jane learned from her relationship with Mrs.Reed is that she has nothing and nobody. She has no one, nothing, and she is just a worthless orphan that has to defend
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