Examples Of Similes In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Ask yourself. How could six million Jews be persecuted and butchered? The memoir “Night,” written by Holocaust Survivor Elie Wiesel is about the experience Wiesel saw during the Holocaust and the torment and killings he saw and how it affected his life. The author uses similes and imagery to reveal a dramatic and sad mood to the reader to explain the thoughts and atrocities Wiesel saw during the Holocaust. The Author uses similes to explain the events of what he saw before and during the Holocaust in many ways. The first example in the memoir would be when Moishe warns in a whisper that“they think I’m mad,” followed by tears that “flowed like drops of wax from his eyes(7).” This example occurs when Moishe, the beatle, tries to warn other Jews about the threat that the Nazis have against them and how he was taken to the Concentration Camp. This example proves my thesis of the author who uses a sad and dramatic mood through similes and imagery by giving the reader …show more content…

When an air raid was occurring a prisoner trying to get a hold of soup “let out a terrible scream, a death rattle such as I had never had before, and with an open mouth, thrust his head toward the still seaming liquid. (59-60).” This example of imagery occurs when a man is shot while in the process of trying to get soup. This imagery helps with the senses of the mood through the actions described that show a desperate person struggling. Another example of imagery would be when Elie saw the look of his father as if he had been tormented, noticing the “his body was completely, shriveled up into himself. His eyes were glazed over, his lips parched decayed (88).” This example of imagery is made to shape the reader’s thought of this scene with a dramatic mood through words that will describe the situation in a serious and dramatic way. The sad mood can be connected to the choice of words that are used to describe an event in the story through

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