Examples Of Situational Crime Prevention

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Situational crime began to pick up acknowledgment in late 1940. “The development of situational prevention was stimulated by the results of work on correctional treatments undertaken in the 1960s and 1970s by the Home Office Research Unit, the British government 's criminological research department.” (Clarke and Cornish, 1983) Crime prevention can be successful in two ways: by changing the offender 's temperament and also by reducing their opportunities. Many companies can prevent crime by adding certain things to their properties. The main focus of the situational crime prevention is sort of based on the thought that crime can be reduced successfully by adding alternatives. The twenty-five techniques of situational crime prevention are…show more content…
Increase the effort is used so offenders may think it is harder to continue the crime. For example, having cigarettes sold from locked cabinet is known as target hardening. It prevents easy access to items people may want to steal. Another example of increase the effort techniques is Control access to facilities. Airport baggage screening is a great example of this technique. This stops people from entering places where they don’t belong. In the next section Increase the risk are techniques that will keep everyone under surveillance. Reduce the rewards are seen as adding the valuable items, adding speed bumps on the road. The Reduce Provocations category looks at the enthusiastic side of wrongdoing - by reducing provocation, individuals are less likely engage in crime. The fifth category centers on the reality that most guilty parties attempt to rationalize their acts by neutralizing the results and in this way look for evacuating such capacity to make pardons. It can be accomplished through the taking after five…show more content…
Efforts taken to increase the effort are the most basic ones. They start with target-hardening, which is accomplished by using physical barriers such as locks, anti-robbery screens, and tamper-proof packaging. A more controlled access to facilities in which people can sometimes too easily enter when they should not, through electronic access regulations, baggage and body screenings, and use of entry phones would increase the effort. Target hardening procedures are designed to improve safety and present a stronger security posture; thereby making the school a less attractive target. Adding body screening before entering the school can prevent lots of crime. Control access to facilities, by adding electronic card access for teachers before entering the classroom can help prevent intruders from entering the classroom. This can solve lots of problems that we currently have in the United States with shootings. Screen exits are very important, especially for visitors. This can keep track of people leaving and entering the school. Paul Culley has been under contractions for almost five weeks
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