Examples Of Social Commentary Fahrenheit 451

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The social commentary is in almost every dystopian title a person can come across. Moreover, one of the best examples is Fahrenheit 451. Fahrenheit 451 is in a way a reflection of Ray Bradbury’s childhood. The social commentary Ray puts into Fahrenheit 451 all comes from memories of his past time, it is a warning of the effects of censorship. Throughout Ray’s childhood, he has seen some of the worst possible censorship. For example, he lives through the times of Hitler’s leadership. He saw, as did everybody then and now the governmental censorship that Hitler threw at his people. He burned any religious books and this must of genuinely hurt Bradbury considering the fact that he is a believer in God. Ray spills all of this social commentary into his book.…show more content…
Consequently, they find ways to express themselves. Ray writes about censorship throughout his whole book. Montag sets off on a journey trying to preserve the knowledge he has learned from the books he has read and in the process is almost killed by firefighters and a robot dog even though he was a firefighter. It just so happens Ray ironically decides to manufacture the firefighters in his book as the complete opposite of a normal firefighter. Instead of firefighters putting out the fires they burn the differing opinion of the people before it is shown. Montag doesn’t realize that burning books is bad because he is told that “The happiness boys” is the only element that keeps their world sane. The happiness boys are firefighters that burn, books so the books don’t cause any arguments in their society, so everyone can fill equal. The government is in charge of these firefighters in the same way as the government has power over literature we can and can’t read at
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