Examples Of Social Determinants Of Health

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Social Determinants of Health
Shelly Clavis
Rutgers University School of Nursing

Social Determinants of Health Defined
Health concerns is an issue that most organizations have formed a pact to safely deal with the challenge. The main agenda focuses on the eradication of health inequalities that may exist in most countries. It is best suited that social determinants are accorded the much-needed attention since they affect a number of people. In assessing the factors that affect one’s health, genetic disposition, personal behaviors, ability to obtain healthcare and the overall environment in which an individual resides are to be considered. Social determinants of Health are issues that deals with the conditions that people have found constructed in a society and acts as a parcel in their lives, such as; growth, age and some of the more complex systems that construct a society which include economic policies and their systems that include social norms, development goals and the basic political system that they are indulged under (World Health Organization, 2008).
There has been a new wave of research into exactly what are "social determinants of Health" (SDOH), as well as what constitutes it and how it affects public health. The focal claim emerging from this collection of research is that different social variables affect populace wellbeing and has an effect on how disparities in health outcomes crosswise over social gatherings affect general public wellbeing (Preda &

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