Examples Of Social Equity In Urban Design

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UD5221 Theory and Elements of Urban Design
Tutorial Assignment 2
Topic 3.5

Social Equity in Urban Planning and Design


Wang Enshen

National University of Singapore

November 2014
TOPIC 3.5:
According to UNFPA social contradictions and segregation in urban areas are increasing worldwide. Why is it important to combat segregation and to generate a more integrated urban society? In which way urban planning and design can contribute to more social equity and integration?

Urban planning is a process that involves a lot of technicality and is influenced by politics in a number of ways. It is purely involved with the land use systems in the urban areas. The resources that are mainly considered are air, water and infrastructure that connect an urban area with the adjacent towns. Such networks are useful for transportation and distribution into and out of the town. Urban design is the way through which cities are designed and shaped. Urban design involves the integration of knowledge from varied fields such as the built environment, urban planning, landscape architecture, civil and municipal engineering. Urban planning requires a good understanding of the physical geography that should be developed. In most cases, urban design involves the coming up with connections that connect people and places, movement and urban form and the built fabric. Urban design determines a number of factors in an area. The major one is environmental stewardship, social

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