Examples Of Social Injustice In The Crucible

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Do you remember learning about the Holocaust in school? Do you remember all of the feelings and thoughts you had? Imagine if it was you. Imagine if you were one of the soldiers. Would you stand up for what was right? Social Injustice is the unfair treatment or falsely accuse to someone. It has happened in the past and continues to occur this day. The Crucible is a play written by Arthur Miller, based on the Salem Witch Trials during 1692. During this play there was social injustice done to those who were accused of witchcraft. During the trials the only evidence to prove the accused of guilty or not guilty came from children. The only type of evidence they had was spectral evidence. Spectral evidence is evidence based upon dreams or visions. Spectral evidence is no longer permitted in the court due to it not being valid. Social injustice was committed by hanging those accused by the children without hard evidence. Another example of…show more content…
Even if you are not fighting for justice for all, you are still fighting for justice for some people. If you believe in something, but do not wish to get involved then that does not mean you are condoning it. Not all people suffer from the same injustice. When you see it happening stand up for what is right. You do not have to become violent when standing up for a change, simply stay calm and talk this out, or peacefully protest. In 1930, Mohandas Gandhi led a peaceful protest caused by the rule of the British over India. Eventually, due to his peaceful protests, India was no longer ruled by the British. Social Injustice occurred in the past and will continue to occur until we all decide to stand up for what we believe is right. There are several social injustice events from the past that were ended due to those who took a stand for what is right. In order to make our world better, we need to all be treated equally, and have our own voice to stand ups or what we believe is

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