Examples Of Social Injustice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Social injustice is one of the most prevalent themes that occurred in Harper Lee’s To kill a mockingbird. Her writing exposes some of the things that were occurring in our culture in the south during the mid nineteen hundreds in the American south. Social injustice referred to the unfair treatment of people of color, and those who did not have money or education. These things were not just part of the novel, they actually happened in real life and were not just made up fantasies by Lee. Before I get into what the main focus of the essay is about, I must introduce and elaborate on what exactly I will be referring to during this paper. Social injustice is the practice of unfair treatment to members of society. Social injustice happened to not only black people, but also people who did not have education or were poor. People like this were taken advantage of back then. Black people were denied certain rights that any other ordinary person would have received. This is one of the most prevalent and recognizable examples of the social…show more content…
The other represented example of social injustice in the book is the treatment of people who had little income and no education. People lost lots of things during the depression which ruined their lives and quality of life. People are then born into poverty. When people grow up without money, they must leave school early to go to work to help pay for things. When they do this, they lose so much education that they could have received. This really hinders any chance of them getting any kind of a decent paying job because they will not be hired because of their low education level. The Cunningham’s are an example of this in the book. They are all considered the “poor people” and are essentially stuck in this class because they will be trapped in the endless cycle of not having money. This is unfair to those people because they are basically born without a chance of progression and will be view and categorized for their entire
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