Examples Of Social Isolation In The Great Gatsby

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Humans are and will always be social creatures, they like to stay in groups, chat with others, and socialize with other humans and some might even say that it is necessary for survival. So knowing this, the greatest dilemma one could face would be the separation and social outcasting of themselves from the group. Isolation can be very impactful and dangerous for one’s self, for a glimpse of its consequences authors write tales of separation and isolation which the reader can soak in and understand its potential. Crace Chua and F. Scott Fitzgerald are two examples of authors who shared stories of social dissolution in The Great Gatsby and “(love song, with two goldfish)”. This theme of isolation and separation affect many aspects of a story but the characters and various conflicts are truely altered and somehow brought to life when real human nature is tested and denied.…show more content…
The unlikely characters of “(love song, with two goldfish)”, the “He” in the poem is primarily focussed on as he is abandoned by “Her”. The progression of his isolation starts when “Her love’s since gone belly-up” and the stylistic of the parenthesis also is a tell to show their separation as the last stanza is split more and more as it gets closer to the end(Chua 18-19). The parenthesis were symbolic for the relationship between he and her or more visually the fish bowl that they shared and as they separated so did the bowl. The effect on the two goldfish was a little exceeding of the acceptable amount of dramatic but was accurate enough to represent what isolation can cause. The use of graphic diction such as “belly-up” can infer a deeper form of melancholy, one to a degree of life threateningly depressed after being isolated by one’s love. SImilarly to

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