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Most of the people around the world are born poor. It is a reality that many people are born and die in very precarious conditions. We always hear those stories of people who are born poor and work hard to end up being rich. However this stories are very few compared to the amount of poverty in the world. Furthermore, it is much more difficult to progress in a poor country than in a rich country because even if you are poor in a country like Denmark, you get access to education and are provided tools that help you to progress. You are even paid to finish high school. In this research paper i am going to investigate how difficult it is in various conditions to analyze a possible course of action that would lead to social mobility being possible.…show more content…
In most western countries, social classes are divided in low, middle and high, according to the wealth you have, while in countries such as India, they have a caste system which isn’t based on wealth but on other criteria.
Global perspective:
To analyze social mobility worldwide I chose 3 countries as a sample of this reality globally. To begin with, i analyzed how difficult it is to ascend socially in USA, a place where they defend icons such as Steve Jobs which become billionaire and started off being a middle class young entrepreneur. According to Equality of Opportunity Project, social mobility in USA is at similar rates as they were 30 years ago. According to the research made by this institution, people from the 20% people with lowest incomes have about a 10% of chances of reaching to the 20% of the people with highest incomes. Nowadays, in India the
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It showed it has a social mobility similar to USA in 2005. However 10 years later social mobility decreased. Nowadays there is social mobility in Argentina. However, it is not as it was traditionally portrayed. Social mobility can be upwards or downwards. In my country there is a general tendency of a downwards mobility as a consequence of many consecutive governments which mismanaged funds, practiced demagogy and as such deteriorated two of the things that posibilitate upwards social mobility which are, education, and a strong currency that makes long term loans something possible. To analyze this issue further in depth I researched about what makes social mobility possible and the state in which they are in my country. To begin with, the economy is very delicate and not very good according to the FMI. Since 2011 growth was severely stopped and investments and companies are either fleeing the country or waiting until what happens after presidential elections. Secondly, luckily, the social system is open and anyone can reach any place in society if they want and can. Thirdly, education is not the best lately. Just the 43% of young people finish secondary school, and less than a 10% have third degree study. Furthermore, although there is free universal and secular education, its quality has drastically descended. This can be seen in the PISA examination done in 2013, where my country got the

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