Examples Of Social Stereotypes In The Movie Zootopia

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Luke Wichman
Mr. Carrico Hum 3321 Question 1
29, September 2017 Predator Prejudice In today’s society stereotypes and social scripts play a major role in today’s world. Stereotypes and Social scripts are often used when describing people and often have negative connotations. The Maltese Falcon has obvious masculine stereotypes and an ideology of women as being subservient to men, which is portrayed as them being housewives, but in Zootopia, despite the fact that the bunny faces a stereotype of being too small and being a girl bunny trying to get into the mostly manly police force, she overcomes all of this and proves them wrong. The ideology of this movie shifts and a stereotype is broken. This plays an even bigger role in today’s society because it shows the younger generation problems that everyone faces with stereotypes, but also shows them no matter what the stereotypes are you can overcome and change them with perseverance and hard work. In the movie Zootopia, there is a little girl bunny named Judy Hobbs and her dream has always been to be a police officer for the big city of Zootopia. The irony in this is that all of the police officers are all enormous animals such as lions, elephants, rhinoceros, polar bears, and tigers. Throughout the movie the bunny is constantly reminded why she cannot be a police officer and why she should just stay home and work on the farm. Throughout all of this she still continues to try to beat the stereotype that bunnies cannot be

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