Examples Of Social Structure In Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 is a novel written by Ray Bradbury. It is considered to be dystopian fiction which is used to display different social structures throughout the book. Published in 1953, this story takes place in a futuristic city in the United States of America. Books are illegal to own and anyone in possession of them will have to get them burnt. That is the job a the firefighters. Guy Montag is a loyal man to his wife, Mildred, and his job working as a fireman. He is very happy with his work as he is doing the duty of his town. This made Montag feel like a part of society. The society in this novel has a censorship on everything. Limiting free thought and the ability to connect with other people. Also censoring the importance of knowledge, reading and thinking. It has been like this for many years and Montag has always thought by doing his job he could prevent that. Especially with books, he has always been doing what his job entails, burning books, doing the kind deed for the city. One day while on his way to work, Montag meets his new neighbor a young, free spirited, seventeen year old girl names Clarisse McClellan. She was different than anyone he has ever met in the town. Clarisse enlightens Montag on the past when people were not afraid to share their thoughts and opinions. Speaking without a filter in her mind, Clarisse immediately connects with Montag. He had not felt like that in a long while as his wife can get caught up in her own mind. Clarisse asks
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