Examples Of Society In Fahrenheit 451

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A dystopian society is an unideal society that is unable to support the wishes of its people. Within a society, many factors can determine whether or not a society will become an ideal or dystopian place. In the novel Fahrenheit 451, the main character Montag is a fireman that lives in a dystopian society. There are many underlying themes and messages about the society of Fahrenheit 451 that can be connected to our own society. This novel that is beyond its time can reveal many features of our own society to give us more awareness and insight into our own world. The dystopian society of Fahrenheit 451 has many similarities and differences to our own society in the ways it functions. There are common elements within the society …show more content…

The burning of these banned books is meant to be a way of censoring targeted ideas and messages in a dystopian society. Similarly, our society has once tried to censor certain books by creating a banned book list in the United States. This list challenged books that mentioned controversial topics, and the ideas from these books were silence and censored from the public. Another similar trait shared by our society and the society in Fahrenheit 451 is how media and technology have made an impact on the functioning of society. This impact can be found in Fahrenheit 451's society when observing the way average citizens, like Mildred, spend their time. In this society, technology has allowed for the television watchers to feel more immersed in the programs to the point that the actors in the fake world are being confused with reality. These programs for entertainment are replacing the time watchers would spend with actual people. This is shown by how Mildred has neglected Montag to spend most of her everyday life in the parlor walls watching the people …show more content…

The way the government controls the people, censorship on certain information, how media and technology have affected people, and society's views on opinions and access to knowledge are what makes a society that is different or similar from other societies. A difference in these traits can make a society crumble to a dystopia. The freedom of the lives in these societies can change depending on the condition of their society, whether it be an oppressive, controlling society or a free and open society. By analyzing and studying these factors, we can understand what makes a society and how to support

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