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The Sociological Perspective Individuals feel disquiet when it comes to how others view their lives. It’s not abnormal to use what we understand of society as a measuring stick to discover our own status in society. Imagine if every eye could properly use techniques found in the study of sociology before making an opinion or conclusion. Humans could start thinking on a global scale and put the theories of what they think they know to the test. Stereotypes and uneducated perspectives on race, culture, or regions of the world would then be profoundly reduced. To help broaden this understanding I will briefly talk through the Sociological Perspective. Furthermore, I will explain a few methods sociologists wield such as: survey research, interviews, participant observation, and secondary and/or historical analysis and their dissimilarities. Ordinarily, when a person puts their perspective into words, it’s all about that person’s point of view. Sociology connects common themes and identifies areas of society that might require change. A sociological perspective is the view, or assumption, about said themes or areas warranting change. Nevertheless, you need to define your focus and/or goal of the study and determine your research orientation whether it be positivist sociology, interpretive sociologist, and/or critical sociologist (book pg 29.) Then determine which methodology is best to monitor, collect information, analyze, and group your subjects. Reach for a scientific

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