Software Quality Assurance System

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3.1 Software Quality Assurance Components
The components of software quality assurance are very important part in the software engineering to ensure the software meet the compliance with the standards and procedures of the software quality so as to improve the quality of the given software. The software quality assurance components that are used by the Software Quality Assurance system can be classified into six different categories. Those categories are summarized by figure 1 below Figure 1 : Software Quality Assurance Components
i. Pre-project Components
This is the first component that ensures the project has been clear defined requirement by considering scheduling ,budget and resources available and enhance the client or organization
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Under this step, there are a number of activities software quality specials perform; these are reviews such as formal design reviews and peer reviews, expert opinions, software testing, software maintenance and finally, the assurance of the quality of external participants’ work which ensures that any efforts by external members meet the quality and standards of the organization. iii. Infrastructure components for error prevention and Improvement
The major function of this component is to minimize the number of errors in the software developed and advance their productivity. This is accomplished through the use of the following sub-components.
• Procedures and Work Instructions
This subcomponent is depend on the knowledge and experience that organization used to ensure the quality assurance of the given software for example having a detailed guideline ensures that all members of the organization must follow to achieve some goal of the software. Usually the quality assurance procedures that undertaken in the organization offer detailed definitions for the performance of specific types of development activities in a way that assures effective achievement of quality
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Software Quality Management
This a management process which have the goals to develop and manage the quality of software that enable to make sure the product meets the quality standards expected by the customer and furthermore meeting any necessary regulatory and developer requirements. This component not only focuses on product quality but also to control the means in which it can be achieved to develop the software. Some of the components used to support the managerial control of software development projects are the Project Progress Control, Software Quality Metrics and Software Quality costs.
• Project Progress Control
This subcomponent is responsible to observe the progress of the project to guarantee that it does not go against from its initial plans. Normally, this focus mainly on risk management activities, schedules, monitoring resource usages and the budget.
• A Software Quality Metric
This use mathematic techniques to measure and to improve the quality of software . The software is the input, and the output is a numeric value which represents the degree to which the software possesses a given quality attribute. The measures can apply to functional quality, productivity and the organization side of the

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