Examples Of Sports In High School Career

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Sports done in my high school career: During my high school career I had participated in a few sports such as: • swimming, • hockey, • soccer, • baseball, • cross fit, • Squash. How these sports benefited me while at school: This benefited me in my school career keeping me fit, where as I did not need to take time to put extra practice time in as times where given with in the school and worked well with my schedule. It helped me stay fit and in shape. I wasn’t as lazy as I was very active. Sometimes when swimming or doing any other sports that I had done helped me to calm myself and not heighten my stress levels. Doing these sports always kept my brain functioning and kept me focused. I was relaxed and ready to start the day. I always felt fresh. Limitations that have to be followed: I have found that I get behind on a lot of my projects and time is very limited. If I spend at least an hour and half training I lose that out and return home late. I would then work till late hours and would then be tired the next day. This would then make me feel like there is no point. I would be much tiered at night so would end up falling asleep at 7 at night. I would be very stiff so I wouldn’t be able to do certain types of things as is was too painful. Plan on continuing my fitness regime: I will still continue in doing some of these sports such as cross fit to keep myself fit. For my future career going into the American air force I would need to be fit and in order to stay fit I

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