Examples Of Stakeholder Identification

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3.1. Stakeholder Identification
In order to successfully identify the stakeholders which are involved with the change process in regards to Griffith University, the Description of a stakeholder should be made in order to avoid ambiguity or misconception. “A stakeholder is any person, group, organization, or system who affects or can be affected by an organizations actions” p.1(Australian Government Land and Coasts Communication Team, 2010).
Now that a proper definition description has been given to a stakeholder there exists techniques as specified in BABOK for stakeholder identification and in the context of this project and in regards to Griffith University the Brainstorming Technique will be used for Stakeholder Identification.
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Number and Variety of Direct-end Users;
There exists different methodologies, strategies and degrees of formality and ceremony in approaching stakeholders as a result of the segment of the organization in this case the university they represent respectively. To this end these stakeholders who represent diverse functional department may intend to be directly involved in the project and by so doing perform independent research themselves to state requirements which they may specify in order for the project to meet their needs. While a Stakeholder who represent a more compact group can make a decision without consulting the other stakeholders.
2. Number of Interfacing Business Processes and Automated systems.
The plan set out for the stakeholder group which engage in complicated and overlying business processes within Griffith University will be different from the stakeholders whose processes are more autonomous or separate. It is common for most Stakeholders not to be involved in the project requirement training but if the training is related to their fields they may be more likely to attend or participate. (BABOK, 2009)
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Attitude and Influence of Stakeholders
The stakeholder Attitude is a very pivotal attribute towards the success of the project. If the Griffith University stakeholders do not belief or see the value that is to be gotten from maximizing this business opportunity, even if the project is executed the stakeholder attitude will affect the realization of the desired outcomes previously anticipated.
The international student value package is a solution which would benefit Griffith University and increase its demand as the University to be preferred in Australia, reasons to support this are seen in the desired outcomes. Also, with Griffith University offering the International Student Package the prestige and reputation of the stakeholders will be increased, because of the feedback and results the International Students will produce around the globe. And in the extent of an unlikely failure of this project the risks are significantly low and if any will be financial in nature.
However, with the full participation of stakeholders on this project the success to be realized is imminent and teamwork is essential towards the realization of the desired outcome of this project.
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