Examples Of Stereotypes

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From being around my friends and peers around school, or even outside of school I

have seen and been stereotyped. The stereotypes I have been placed with are, the crazy do

anything kid, annoying, immature, good athlete, trustworthy, and you can mess/pick on me and I

won’t do anything about it. I think most people would believe that I am not popular, but well

known in a good way. Also that I am a fun guy to hang out with and do crazy stuff, until I get too

annoying. I also think that most people stereotype me on what I wear, which shouldn’t matter.

Most people stereotype me/others based on what’s on the outside and I think that shouldn’t be

the case.

I see myself in a variety of ways, it also depicts on where I am at. Like at school I’m kind
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But when I’m at home I am quiet and very

independent. I also tend to hang out with different people than when I am at school so I don’t

think people really know who I really am. This is considering I have different personalities in

different places, and at certain times. I think the only people who really know me for who I am

would be me and my parents. I think people probably wouldn’t care if I chose to act the way I

am at home.

From taking part in this stereotype vs reality project, I have realized that people can be

harsh. But also that sometimes people 's stereotypes can be right and you just don’t want to

believe it. I think it’s just a matter of being yourself and not caring what other people think about

what and who you are. I think the most I got out of this was, after labeling myself then labeling

myself in other people’s views I really saw a distinct difference. That it is my choice if I want to

try and hide my own real personality or let them stereotype me. I think people should just do

whatever they want and not care about
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