Examples Of Stereotypes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Ethan Heitzenrater
Becky Crays
English 9/10
28 April 2017

Stereotypes Here and Now In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird based in the early 1900’s after The Great Depression Harper Lee uses stereotypes to show the true humanity within a person no matter the age, gender, race, or place in society. This is a subject has impacted people in the past, and is still impacting the people of today. These are tough issues to talk about, but Lee wrote it so all people would understand how important it is not to judge until you understand the person. One of the stereotypes that was targeted first was poverty. Walter Cunningham was a great example of being poor but also keeping his self-respect and humanity. When Walter was getting judged by Caroline Fisher,
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Tom was the main example of the Negros stereotype. Tom was a respectable, humble, honest, helpful, and kind man. He had a family to provide for and a house to take care of. He was wrongly accused by Bob Ewell, a very poor white man, of raping his daughter Mayella Ewell. Tom was a happily married man who was cripple from a cotton gin accident so obviously, he could not have done it. Because this cause was brought to a courthouse full of white men by a white man showed that Tom had lost the fight before it even started. Just because he was a black was the reason it went to a trial. They were no witnesses, not even a case, and no evidence against Tom. The Ewells had a made a fake case to make a statement and because a black man was living better than a white man was in this day in age. The nonequality within the courthouse was one of the main reasons it went the way it did. The courthouse was supposed to be the one place where everyone is equal no matter the skin color. A place where people tell the truth under God’s name without getting judged by people or hurt for someone chooses to stand up for. Racism is still alive whether you go down south or up the street. As an African American I can see the way a person looks at you are thinking that you are lower than them just because of an increased amount of pigment in your skin. Even blacks take it too far like the black lives matter and all the police problems. All lives matter from white to black because we are God’s children and a created equal in His eyes and he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross for everyone it is our choice to accept the gift not our skin color. Yes, some police officers are not going to like black people it does not mean all police officers hate blacks. They shot and arrest people of every ethnicity not just the blacks. This issue has been here for decades and if we do not pay attention it is just going to continue and remain one of the
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