Examples Of Stereotypes In Zootopia

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Crushing the everyday stereotypes Living in today’s day and age, no person can live without being stereotypically judged. Now a day’s a person’s race can tell other people how drive, your skin colour can determine a Job or how fast one could run and it’s disgusting to see. Plenty of people are called untrustworthy or unreliable because of their skin colour or their nationality and it is unfair for people who could potentially make a difference but don’t get the opportunity. In the movie Zootopia, Nick Wilde is drowning in stereotypes all of which are because he is a fox; known for being a gnarly predator, vicious and cunning. Although Nick is a smart, sly fox he still has a soft side that he never brings up. He always hides his emotion because as a fox he is supposed to be sneaky and deceiving. Near the start of the…show more content…
Nick contradicts being a selfish fox when he started to care for Judy because of how hard she had worked to solve this case. Nick selflessly took the time that Judy made him stay for and made the most of it by clearing his head of negativity and actually helping Judy with Information she needed. Nearing the end of the film Judy had said “It may have something to do with biology, meaning she had said because all the animals to go savage have been predators, the only animals that will go savage are all predators and that no prey could ever kill a fly. That made Nick very upset and made him lose respect for Judy. After Judy had found out that the “Night howler” was a flower and that it was making the animals go savage she found Nick as quick as possible to apologize for what she had said and to tell him that she had figures out why the animals were going savage. After Nick heard Judy being super sad he decided to help her because he knew he could make things
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