Examples Of Stereotyping In Health Care

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What is stereotyping?

Stereotyping is when a person will make assumptions based on another person’s age, skin color, religion or sex. The most of the stereotypes have very negative impact towards the people. Stereotyping may cause problems such as people discriminating towards others. Lots of people can then be treated very unfairly. And sometimes in the health sector there may a time where the staff or doctors and nurses may not even want to work with each other.

Examples of stereotyping:

Age stereotyping:

Age stereotyping could happen with elderly patients in the hospital may not get the treatment depending on the illnesses they have. Some staff may not even give the treatment to the patient just because of their age. This is because the staff may assume that the patient is too old to be looked after in the hospital. And also no matter what the age of the elderly patient is they should be told about the treatment they are going to receive and the care.

Gender stereotyping:

Gender stereotyping between males and females. People assume that males and females are different but they should be treated as same individual people. Some people assume that only women can become doctors but this typical gender stereotyping. However, people may even think that women might not be able to treat a patient correctly according to the illness the patient has. In fact even men can become doctors it doesn’t what matter what gender you are. Male and females should be treated both
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