Examples Of Stereotyping

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A stereotype is an idea or image overused on a person or thing. We tend to start stereotyping at a young age which is extremely problematic. It may be a positive or negative stereotype, but stereotypes in general do no good besides teaching children that labeling based on race,religion, and/or appearance is okay. These stereotypes affect how we treat other people and how people treat you. I've never suffered like African Americans or poor people do with stereotyping, so i've never truly been affected by stereotypes. I'm a typical white girl living in the suburbs. I'm not the skinniest, I wear the same few black outfits everyday because i dont have the confidence to wear anything else. People stereotype me as to lazy to wear anything else and are standoffish to talk to me because they think i will mean due to my RBF. But what I went through was nothing my friend ilana had to go through. Ilana was a 15 year old girl who moved from Dubai, United Arab Emirates to Cedar Park, Texas as a new incoming Freshman. Her ethnicity is Afrikaans, which is a White South…show more content…
I also have a condition called RBF, this is a resting face that makes you look unintentionally annoyed or mad. All of these things make me seem stand-offish and scures people from wanting to talk to me and become friends. I've been struggling with this most of my middle and high school years, Becuase I wear all black people stereotype me as dark and goth. Due to people avoiding me i've almost become who they label me as, i'm often rude to people because i already have the idea that people think of me as that so it's a self fulfilling prophesy. Unfortunately i'm still struggling with this idea and am growing from it but i've learned on a personal level that judging people can really affect a person as a
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