Examples Of Stigma In Mental Health

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GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE ON MENTAL HEALTH DISODERS: What is mental health stigma?: Mental health stigma can be divided into two distinct types: social stigma is characterized by prejudicial attitudes and discriminating behaviour directed towards individuals with mental health problems as a result of the psychiatriclabel they have been given. On the other hand, perceived stigma or self-stigma is the internalizing by the mental health sufferer of their perceptions of discrimination (Link, Cullen, Struening & Shrout, 1989), and perceived stigma can significantly affect feelings of shame and lead to poorer treatment outcomes (Perlick, Rosenheck, Clarkin, Sirey et al., 2001). Back in the early 2000’s, there are a lot of cases pertaining mental health stigma and that society tends to discriminate these people with this disability rather than realizing the actual daily routine that a mental disorder patient go through in their lives. It is a lot harder than we think as most of us don’t encounter mental stigma thoughts. With that being said there is the global perspective relating this issue.

The global burden of neuropsychiatry diseases and related mental health conditions is enormous, underappreciated and under resourced, particularly in the developing nations. The absence of adequate and quality mental health infrastructure and workforce is increasingly recognized. The ethical implications of inequalities in mental health for people and nations are
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