Examples Of Strategic Planning

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Planning can be described as the action of managers looking ahead to meet the business objectives. This an be through strategic planning, this being the long-term planning for the next 5 years, and tactical planning, the short term planning for next couple of weeks or months, as well as operational planning, the day to day operations of a business.
An example from my organisation of planning is the rental of a new more central pet store location. Recently a new shopping complex was opened in a central expat orientated area. The owner (also at the same time the manager) of the pet shop I worked in had ranted out one of the units in the mall before it was even complete to ensure a more central location, this is an example of strategic planning.
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Controlling can be described as the action of verifying that the business objectives and plans are met by the work done and taking corrective action if this is not the case. An example from my organisation of controlling is when we brought in 150 bottles of a new brand of shampoo into stock to replace our old regular brand, however after 3 months and various customers questioning the disappearance of the old brand, having to put the new bottles on sale and order in more of the regular, old, brand which sold far better.
One of the manager’s roles is to act as a figurehead for the business. The manager represents the business to both outside units such as other businesses partners from other organizations as well as the businesses employees as the manager determines the relationship between him and the employees. An example from my organisation is that the manager would always be available to be called upon if the customers questions or complaints could not be handled by one of the sales
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An autocratic management style can be described as a doctoral way of managing a workforce. The manager will only be concerned with completing the task at hand, while having very low employee welfare and satisfaction concerns. This is due to an autocratic managers belief that employees are generally lazy, wishing to avoid work where ever possible, and need strict directing and controlling to complete a task. This results in the manager taking complete control and refusing to consider employees expertise.
With the autocratic management style the manager takes full control of all decisions so the employees will not be at fault when he makes a mistake and something goes wrong. Also this style of management will allow for a fast decision process on issues and problems as the staff will not have to be consulted, which can be beneficial in some

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