Examples Of Structural Racism

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. Racism is the belief - and the conviction that humanity can be divided into different groups, the groups have different characteristics and therefore different worth. Previously, under the concept of "race" has been used to consolidate and explain the perceived differences between different groups of people. The image of the existence of the human race is socially constructed, that is created by people with each other. It is also what makes racism as an ideology that can live on in today’s society. The US approach to equality and equal rights for all is not as obvious as one might think. They have had hundreds of years of systematic and statutory structural racism in their country. Even today, racism occurs daily in the United States and it is not uncommon to read or hear the news about the United States linked to racism.…show more content…
This means that even people who do not have explicitly racist values can practice racism because of the way society is structured and looks. Structural racism affect the ability to get a job or a home. All these three terms are responsible for all the negativity that happened to the Kino and his family and certainly his race. One example from the novel is when Kino and his people are oppressed in many
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